Chong refuses to apologise, says will not retract his statement

CHONG Chieng Jen (DAP-Kota Sentosa) has refused to apologise to Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, shrugging off the call for apology as a “sweeping statement that is not worth entertaining”.

Speaking to reporters following the adjournment of the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) sitting here yesterday, he said: “Why should I apologise? There is nothing to apologise for because he (CM) did not say which statement he was referring to during the winding-up speech.”

Taib had earlier said he was considering filing court action against Chong for uttering defamatory words against him inside and outside the august House, unless he apologised within the next three months.

However, Chong remained adamant that he would not retract any statement or apologise to Taib as whatever statement he (Chong) made were all based on facts from the records of Land and Survey Department, Registrar of Companies and official reports.

“My answer to his threat is that whatever statement I made before were all based on facts. I have nothing to apologise for.”

On Taib’s statement that the state BN had won more than two-thirds of parliamentary seats in Sarawak, Chong said: “He (Taib) can say all he wants but there are two facts which he cannot deny.

“For one, we are gaining seats. Previously, the opposition could only win one or two seats. But now, we have clinched six seats. In the last state election, we won 15 seats under Pakatan Rakyat (PR). The trend now is moving towards a more balanced political landscape.

“Secondly, the BN has been literally wiped out in areas populated by the well-informed, highly educated voters.

“They (BN) are no match for us and these are the two facts they cannot deny.”

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