Saturday, May 28

‘Renewable Energy’ as a PPKS subject


SUCCESSFUL SESSION: Lecturers and tutors of iCATS pose with their certificates at the end of a successful training programme. Brook is seated, second left.

KUCHING: Sarawak Skills Development Centre (PPKS) is proud to be the first education institution in the state to offer a subject on Renewable Energy.

Through its subsidiary International College of Advanced Technology Sarawak (iCATS), the subject will be part of the engineering courses such as Diploma in Mechanical, Diploma in Electronic, and Diploma in Mechatronic and Higher National Diploma in Electrical/Electronic.

This subject is believed to draw good response from the public as workforce in this field will be highly in demand especially in the development of the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE).

As part of the preparation for the new subject for the engineering school of iCATS, PPKS held intensive training for lecturers and tutors of School of Engineering on Green & Renewable Energy Training recently at its newly completed Green Technology Lab.

The trainer is an expert in the subject, Charles J Brook, who is also the vice president of Marcraft of the US. Marcraft Educational Technologies Group has been producing electronics, computers, IT and mobile electronics training programmes that excel in the classroom environment for over 30 years in more than 50 countries around the globe.

Since 1984, Brook has been involved in education for 29 years with four years spent on Green Technology. According to him, Sarawak has the supremacy and potential of using renewable energy with its tropical rainforest climate.

In order to attract people especially students and youngsters to cultivate a passion for green environment, Brook suggested creating general awareness and training them with technical ability to conserve renewable energy.

The training objective is to expose and equip the lecturers and tutors with theoretical and practical studies for the subject. The training has covered the areas of Solar PV technology programme, generating clean electrons technology programme and wind turbine technology programme.

Also covered were sustainable conservation technology programme, fuel cell technology programme, environment monitoring technology programme, hydro power technology programme, biofuel technology programme, smart grid technology programme, energy auditing technology programme, green home test platform applying photovoltaic power generation and USN, smart grid green home network application platform, platform for LED basic test and LED application test and test equipment for smart lighting using LED.

The training was attended by Dr Leo Sing Lim, Fabian Halley Pata, Amirul Sait, Mohd Syafiq Salman, Tony Empurai, Mohd Faisal Mahsen, Arisita Duwi Sapik, Mahmoud Izzeddin, Dayang Syahenaz, Sharinah Baharin, Nazreen Junaidi, Martin John Madden, Bong Voon Pai and Siti Syafinah.

With a vision to be a leader for innovation technical training and education, PPKS strives to produce well trained and capable workforce by offering academic and training programmes which are practical and skill-based in nature, with full technical competency in all professional areas.

Log on to its website or for more information. Interested individuals may download the application form and submit it to PPKS/iCATS at Tabuan Jaya from Monday to Friday during office hours (8am to 5pm). For enquiries, call 082-364198.