Thursday, September 28

Senior citizens told to take up recreational activities


SPORTING MP: Ahmad Lai performing the ‘ngajat’ before cutting down the ‘ranyai’ tree.

MIRI: Senior citizens are urged to take up recreational activities in order to stay healthy, and not see old age as an obstacle for them to do so.

Sibuti MP Ahmad Lai Bujang made the call when addressing more than 200 guests at a Ngiling Tikai ceremony organised by the Senior Citizens Day Care Centre at its premises in Krokop.

“When you are not working anymore, you can still be active by doing exercise, getting involved in events, taking up dancing and any other recreational activities,” he said.

Also present were Miri police chief ACP Mun Kok Keong, the centre’s chairman Pemanca Wilson Siang, representatives of government departments, community leaders and senior citizens of various races.

Ahmad Lai also told the senior citizens that by taking up recreational activities and being active, they can keep their mind at peace and not feel stressful.

“If you do not have any activities, you will start to think about a lot of things and this can make you stressful and that is not good for your health,” he said.

On the Senior Citizens Day Care Centre, he said it is a very good place for old folks to mingle with one another and keep themselves occupied.

“For those who know how to sew, they can share their expertise with other folks at the centre, those who dance can also teach others to dance while those who weave can share their knowledge with their friends here,” he said.

He added that the centre provides day-time care for the elderly on a daily basis while their children or caregivers are at work.