Cultural fest burst with colour and sounds


EVERYTHING RED: Maidens of Ming Ching sub-clan of Sibu Foochow go red to bring prosperity and fortune as they dance with red fans.

SIBU: The Borneo Cultural Festival was a riot of colour amidst the sounds of gongs, drums and percussion as 16 troupes took part in a statewide Chinese cultural dance competition on Saturday night.

The performances hosted at the festival’s Chinese Cultural section on the Western Court Yard of Sibu Town Square saw the participation of troupes from Sibu, Bintulu, Kuching, Sri Aman and Miri.

The dances displayed the cultural values of the Chinese rooted in its thousands of years of lifestyle, the community focusing on the theme of prosperity and harmony.

The opening dance for the night were 19 primary school girls from Rejang Musical Club in a depiction of a garden where flowers bloomed.

Other dances carried the themes of spiritual blessings taken from ancient wall paintings of Dun Huang in Xinjiang Province, the romance of Kanding in Sichuan, nomads galloping on horses on green pastures and the joy of festivals.

Out of 16 dances, nine were themed around nature, flowers, clouds and the Creation to incorporate the environment into the cultural celebration.

The event was initiated by Sibu United Chinese Association (UCA) and hosted by Sibu Foochow Association.

Sibu UCA chairman Ting Huat Chie said Chinese cultural dance express the spirit of a community through the centuries, their way of life flowing in the river of time not unlike a recording of the change society experiences.

DEMURE: Students of Kai Dee School from Bintulu bring a blessing from Yunnan.

He called for the preservation of culture so the river of culture would continue flowing for future generations.

Chairman of Sibu Foochow Association, Albert Lau said the event had brought the people together for a celebration of communal solidarity.

He said events like this helped bring goodwill to take the cultural development of the community to greater heights.

“Chinese cultural dances have brought talent from throughout Sarawak to the stage of Borneo Cultural Festival. They showcase the harmony of Sarawak, the Chinese playing a key role in the cultural development of this land.”