8 mln litres increase for July diesel quota in Sabah


Diesel notices at fuel kiosks.

KOTA KINABALU: The Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperative, and Consumerism (MDTCC) Sabah office yesterday disclosed that it has requested for an additional eight million litres of diesel for Sabah’s July quota to overcome the shortage.


“There is no denying that we are indeed experiencing diesel shortage in the state. We have asked the Ministry of Finance to add eight million litres (of diesel) to overcome the issue,” said MDTCC Sabah deputy director Suhaimi Mat Sari.


Suhaimi added that the normal monthly quota for Sabah is 74 million and the extra eight million litres is meant to cater to the need for diesel in the state for the rest of July.


He also speculated that the shortage could be a result of the impending festive season as Hari Raya is approaching.


“As Hari Raya is approaching, the people will be busy with preparations and when business activities increase, so does the need for diesel.


“Shortages had happened before but this is, without a doubt, one of the worst we’ve ever experienced so far,” he said.


Meanwhile, Suhaimi is advising consumers to try different brands of diesel instead of sticking to only one particular brand, which he said will help to ease the shortage situation.


“Besides, the price rates and quality are the same,” he added.


Speaking on the allegations of theft and illegal sale of diesel, he mentioned that while it was a possibility, he doubted that anyone would want to buy resold diesel since the fixed price of RM1.80 per litre is common knowledge.


“If people can legally buy diesel at the same price anywhere else, why would they want to buy it illegally at a mocked-up price?” Suhaimi questioned.


Nevertheless, he assured that he had called on the relevant ministries and departments to cooperate with the MDTCC in curbing such issues.


“Perhaps the Road Transportation Department can also help us by conducting roadblocks to determine and identify vehicles with modified tanks,” he said.


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