Positive relationships in the workplace

AS we spend a large portion of our time in the workplace, it is necessary for us to build positive relationships with our colleagues. When we do not have a constructive working environment, we would dread to go to work and deem our workplace as a stressful zone.

Relationships have a great impact on our job and our growth in the company. Positive relationships contribute greatly to our progress and our ability to achieve recognition for our accomplishments.

When we have positive relationships with our colleagues, we will get the cooperation that we need and we can feel a closer connection with them. We will not feel isolated or discouraged as people around us are friendly and helpful.

Constructive relationships with our superiors give us greater opportunities to be considered for career progression or promotion. When more superiors or seniors have positive opinions of us, we will surely stand out from the rest.

Since positive relationships with others can be beneficial to us, we should strive to develop such healthy relationships. However, many feel that it is not easy to build positive relationships at work due to competition and other challenges.

The good news is developing healthy relationships with others is not impossible. It simply involves sincerity, thoughtfulness and openness. The following are some points that will help to build positive relationships.


Speak and act positively

The best way to build a positive relationship is to speak well of others. Who does not like to receive compliments or positive remarks? Hence, you should only speak when you have good things to say about others. However, you must be sincere otherwise there will be a lack of integrity.

Always maintain a friendly attitude when working with your colleagues. Let every encounter with you be a pleasant and positive experience for others.



It is very important to cooperate with one another and share your resources at work. Work hand in hand with others and invite others to take part in your projects or activities to make them feel valued or important.



Share useful knowledge and experience with others so that they can learn more. Always be prompt in sharing your resources and expertise when you see the need. However, bear in mind that you need to ask for permission before charging forward, otherwise, others may feel that you are trying to belittle them or create a high profile for yourself.


Be supportive

A supportive colleague is always welcomed. Hence, offer to help your colleagues whenever they are in need. When you have some spare time before the next task comes around, identify those who are overloaded with work and offer to help. Your generosity will build up positive relationships and encourage bonding between you and your colleagues.



In all things and ways, show your appreciation towards those who have helped you in one way or the other. Learn to appreciate others. On one hand, you make others feel good as their effort has received recognition and on the other hand your appreciative heart will make you feel accepted and loved by others.



Be open and share your individuality and proficiency with your colleagues so that they can learn more about you. This will make you more approachable and others will be more inclined to build relationships with you.

Positive relationships with your colleagues make the workplace a pleasant place to be and enable you to work more effectively and efficiently. Start today to develop healthy relationships with your colleagues so that all may enjoy the benefits.


Priscilla Hiu is a career guidance consultant of Gracia Management and a certified behavioural consultant of DISC Personality Profiling System, Institution of Motivation Living, USA and Extended DISC Personality Profiling System, Extended DISC Northgate.

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