Monday, May 23

Second body found floating in Tutoh River


MARUDI: A second body was found floating in the Tutoh River near Long Panai yesterday, following the discovery of another body on Thursday.

Yesterday, a Long Panai resident, who declined to be named, found the second body clad only in black trousers facing upwards around 8.30am.

The man did not manage to tie the body to the riverbank, so it is believed to have either sunk or floated downstream.

When the police search team arrived at the site where the body was spotted earlier, it was nowhere to be found. As of press time yesterday afternoon, the team had yet to locate the body.

On Thursday, the body of a man believed to be in his 30s was found in the Long Terawan area not far from Long Panai.

No one has identified the body, which has been placed at Marudi Hospital mortuary.

It has yet to be established whether the two bodies are connected in anyway.

Sources believe they may have been workers trapped by flash floods during a rainstorm a few days ago.