Saturday, December 3

Teachers pitch in to clean up in vicinity of Satang Island


PROTECTING THE REEF: (From left) Junaidi Pauzan, Mohamad Rizamry, Bobby Tiang Ming Chung, Ting Suk Eng, Alice Andrews, Dominic Mochan doing the clean-up on Satang Island.

KUCHING: Beyond the call of education duty, two teachers from Tunku Putra School recently rolled up their sleeves to join forces with Aquabase, a dive centre located at Damai Puri Resort, to clean up the vicinity of Satang Island.

Aquabase operations manager Ting Suk Eng arranged the ecological endeavour in collaboration with The Clipperton Project ( who financially supported the group of divers.

The divers channelled their effort into freeing the reef from stray fishing nets and lines.

“We are blessed with this naturally beautiful area, and we want to protect and conserve it for locals and tourists to continue to enjoy the beauty of the Sarawak coastline for years to come,” Ting said in a press statement yesterday.

This endeavour will not only protect the reef from further damage, but prevent sea creatures from being entangled.

“This is the first time in two years that such a rejuvenating initiative has taken place, and our hope is for the activity to perpetuate to sustain coral life.”

According to Tunku Putra School teacher Alice Andrews, they participated in the clean-up dive of Satang Island to ensure future generations get to enjoy the wonderful corals and coast of Satang Island.

“We wanted to show to our students at Tunku Putra School the importance of protecting the environment and how each one of us can make a difference,” she said.

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