Sunday, September 19

Ministry will not give leeway anymore


SERIAN: The Ministry of Human Resources will not entertain any more companies which wish to defer the minimum wage policy after Nov 30.

The ministry has received 743 applications from companies to defer the policy that will be carried out nationwide starting Jan 1 next year.

“The ministry will not compromise with any companies who have failed to carry out the policy which requires them to pay their workers a minimum wage of RM800 in Sarawak, Sabah and Labuan and RM900 for workers in the peninsular states,” Minister of Human Resources Dato Sri Richard Riot Jaem said during the Azam 1Malaysia programme at Kampung Pichin on Saturday.

He also cautioned that lawful action would be taken against companies who refuses to abide by the minimum wage policy as three grace periods were given since December last year.

Meanwhile, Riot, who is also Serian MP, said that several development programmes were in the pipeline for Serian to make the area the backbone of the state Barisan Nasional.

“There are around 200 villagers in Serian whose roads are tar sealed. As compared to the scenario 23 years ago when most of the villagers are connected by gravel and dirt roads,” he noted.

The event held at the village’s multi-purpose hall attracted around 8000 visitors to learn more about the ministry’s role as well as to watch the performance of live bands from Indonesia.