Tuesday, November 29

Abu Seman: Demonstrations are counter-productive


SIBU: Political Secretary to the Chief Minister Abu Seman Jahwie, demonstrations or street rallies will do more harm than good.

In fact, they would get in the way of developing a nation, he said.

“We practise politics of moderation which has proven beneficial. In fact, I have just attended an international forum in KL at PWTC where representatives from 28 countries participated.

“Many have advocated that the moderation or balance approach should be pursued in all aspects to ensure continuous development of a country.

“Even in our day-to-day activities, we should focus on moderation, keeping away from any forms of extremism,” the Jemoreng assemblyman told reporters after attending RTM Sibu’s press conference on its 39th anniversary celebration.

He was asked to respond to a post by a PKR central member, who identified himself as Chegu Bard, in his Facebook account inviting Sarawakians to participate in a demonstration in front of the chief minister’s residence on Dec 29 to call for him to step down.

Abu Seman said there was no necessity to do so as the country practised democracy, where channels were available to address problems or grievances.

“If problems are taken to the streets in the form of demonstration, it would only aggravate the matter, causing the people to suffer.

“If you look at those countries where there were demonstrations, there were people who got injured or even lost their lives. We do not want this kind of culture to be imported into our country, which is held in high esteem by the world community for being a melting pot.

“Mind you, demonstrations will scare away tourists and investors as well as affect the routine of the people,” he said.

He added that street rallies would also set a negative precedent for the younger generation.