Friday, March 31

Sarawak’s first ‘Kompleks Penyayang’ in Sri Aman


SIBU: The first integrated complex in Sarawak sited in Sri Aman is expected to be launched next year, disclosed Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Rohani Abdul Karim.

Speaking at a press conference here yesterday, she said the model complex in the state would house the offices of Welfare Department, children and elderly activity centres, child care centre and community-based rehabilitation centres (PDK).

She pointed out that the complex only catered for day activities and not stay-ins.

Rohani, who is Batang Lupar MP, added the facility would create convenience as all was under one roof.

“So now, people can send their elderly parents or toddlers there, if nobody is looking after them during daytime. They need not go to separate centres.

“The complex located in Sri Jaya, Sri Aman, is strategic and easily accessible besides having a conducive environment, equipped with a garden.

“On top of that, it facilitates our supervision. This is the first in Sarawak and I would like that to be our good model,” Rohani said.

Among others, they planned to have conferences, seminars and meeting rooms there, she added.

The NGOs, she said, could even utilise the meeting room.

They also welcomed NGOs setting up temporary office since there would be ample space available, she noted.

According to Rohani, they had the funding to acquire a building to be converted into the integrated complex.

Asked if there was a specific name for the complex, she noted in other places in the peninsula, they are called “Kompleks Penyayang”.

Earlier, Sibu Welfare Department’s assistant director Mohd Guntor briefed the minister on their scope of work and flood preparations.