Message of tolerance for Tai Pek Kong followers

KAPIT: Organising chairman for Hock Leong Ten Tai Pek Kong Temple’s New Year gathering, Chu Sing Lung urged followers to refrain from criticising others because we are living in a plural society of different religious and customary practices.

Saying that religion and race are the most sensitive issues in Malaysia, he rues the fact that some politician and individual exploited it for personal gain.

“Malaysia practises democracy and religious freedom. Unfortunately, around us, there’re those who exploit religious or racial issues for personal gain. This can cause rifts and suspicion among Malaysians of different creed. As followers of Tai Pek Kong, we’re thankful to the government for the freedom to practice our own choice of belief. My advice is to uphold high moral values and discipline and to respect other religions to ensure racial harmony and neighbourliness. Bear in mind, Malaysia is a country of great diversity of races, religious and customary practices. Never criticise others’ practice to avoid suspicion and havoc,” said Chu Sing Lung at the Hock Leong Ten Tai Pek Kong Temple New Year Gathering held yesterday which was attended by some 150 faithful and invited guests.

“Religion taught us to be truthful, sincere, honest and to care for one another, to attain spiritual enrichment. Through the noble value of religious practice to build a ‘kingdom on earth’ to spread care and love because we’re all children of God,” added Chu.

Meanwhile, chairman of the management committee of Hock Leong Ten Tai Pek Kong Temple, Kapitan Yong Thu Fook said although Kapit is a small place, there are various religious institutions of Christianity, Islam, Buddhist and others and it was important to respect one another’s practices.

On the Chinese New Year gathering, he said this was for all the faithful and invited guests to congregate for friendship and to usher in 2014.

Also present were vice chairman Chinese Chamber of Commerce Liew Song Swee, vice chairman Foochow Association Sii Bang Ee, chairman United Chinese Association Ma Tian Ho, chairman Chiang Chuan Association Ma Tian Kock, among them.

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