Tuesday, October 26

Adenan ‘no’ to Umno’s entry, warns PKR leaders


MUKAH: Chief Minister Tan Sri Datuk Amar Adenan Satem states that he would not allow Umno to enter the state and he does not fear PKR leaders from Peninsular Malaysia.

“As the new Chief Minister, I don’t want racists and religious bigots and trouble makers to come to Sarawak. Immigration is within our jurisdiction. If we don’t like anyone, we ask them to go away from here,” he said during a meeting with the Chinese community at a hotel here yesterday.

“They said we are afraid (for not allowing Anwar to come in); and said that if Anwar were not allowed to enter Sarawak, they would sue us. Well they can sue us anytime. They had done so many times but they lost.

“But (in fact) we let him (Anwar) to enter Sarawak, not because we are afraid of him but because we are not afraid of him. We will allow him to come in, and if he tries to be naughty, even if he is already here, we can still kick him out.”

He said some politicians from Peninsular Malaysia could resort to all kinds of lies and tricks as they are really good in “talking” and cautioned the Chinese community to watch out for them.

“I know the Chinese here don’t want Umno. As the chief minister of Sarawak, I also don’t want Umno to come here. We are already peaceful. We can take care of ourselves. SUPP after being united, can take care of themselves; SPDP can also take care of themselves,” he said.

Adenan said he was aware that people in the state rejected parties from Peninsular Malaysia which fomented quarrel over all sorts of issues including the usage of the word ‘Allah’ in worship which had never been an issue among Sarawakians.

On PKR’s argument that Mukah had no development, Adenan said they must be blind and deaf not to see and hear about how the town had developed by leaps and bounds.

“They (PKR) said there is no development in Mukah. They are people with eyes but could not see; with ears but could not hear,” said Adenan.

He asked the Chinese community to compare Mukah 30 years ago and now to see the development has been taking place.

The Chief Minister pointed out that the place that had not been experiencing development was Anwar’s constituency Permatang Pauh.

“He (Anwar) was the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister before. Yet he did not bring any development to his own constituency,” said Adenan who asked the Chinese community not to trust Anwar who had promised to give RM700 million to build coastal road but never fulfilled that promise.

He cautioned the Chinese community not to fall into the politics of polarisation in Balingian constituency where the Melanau and the Iban communities supported BN while the Chinese supported PKR.