Police to launch anti-corruption campaign


KUCHING: The Royal Malaysia Police will launch an anti-corruption campaign this year to correct the negative public perception of the force and regain the people’s trust.

State deputy CID chief ACP Lee Moh Le said the campaign will focus on strengthening personnel integrity, which will help transform the police force into a capable and prestigious institution respected by society.

“The aim of this anti-corruption campaign, which is slated to be launched this year, is to regain the trust of the people and also to overcome whatever negative perception they may have towards the force,” he said.

“In the midst of fighting crime and maintaining public order, the need to strengthen personnel integrity is not forgotten, hence the expansion of the police Disciplinary Unit as well as the setting up of the Standard Compliance and Integrity Department, or JIPS.”

Lee was relaying the message of inspector-general of police Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim in conjunction with the 207th Police Day yesterday.

The IGP’s message also listed the various yearly targets needed to be achieved by the force over the coming two years under the second phase of the Government Transformation Plan, namely a 5 per cent reduction of the crime index, reduction of between five and 10 per cent of housebreaking cases, increasing the perception of safety by 65 per cent, increasing charging rates in court by 35 per cent, and increasing public satisfaction of the police by 85 per cent.

Among those present were state Narcotics Crime Investigation Department head Supt Moses Agat, state CID deputy chief ACP Zainuddin Zainal, as well as state Special Branch deputy head (I) ACP Clarence Rorote and deputy head (II) ACP Mohammad Morshidi Mustapha.