Thursday, July 7

‘Supreme council never agreed to G4 reinstatement’


KUCHING: A Supreme Council member of Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) has refuted a statement issued by a party official on April 15 which claimed the council met on Feb 2 and unanimously decided to accept the reinstatement of four former party leaders (G4) who were sacked by the party in 2011.

Alexander Asing Sadai who is also the chairman of the party’s Marudi Division in a statement sent to The Borneo Post yesterday said the council last met on February 23 at the party headquarters here and not on Feb 2.

The meeting which was held to discuss the reinstatement of the G4 decided to leave it to party president Tan Sri William Mawan and deputy president Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing to work out a decision on the issue and present their deliberations to the Triennial General Assembly (TGA) which is due in March next year.

He explained that he had to come out with a statement to let the public have a clear picture of the situation facing SPDP and not be misled by the wrong information in the statements issued by close aides of party president Tan Sri William Mawan.

“As much as I appreciate the order directed by the Chief Minister not to resort to the press in resolving the internal issues currently besetting the party, I feel duty bound to correct or make good the factual defects that were reported and published in The Star on Tuesday 15th April 2014 by Secretary of Muara Tuang Division who is also the deputy information chief.”

On claims that supreme council members agreed to the reinstatement of the G4 in front of the chief minister on March 6 Asing explained:

“During our last supreme council meeting the members unanimously agreed to make a courtesy call on Tan Sri Adenan Satem to congratulate him on his appointment as chief minister and pledge our support to him.

“However, during the courtesy call on March 6 our president shocked us by informing the chief minister that the supreme council had unanimously agreed to the reinstatement of the G4.”

Alexander added that the supreme council members present during the courtesy call remained silent despite their anger and shock out of respect for the chief minister.

He pointed out that neither the party president nor the supreme council had the absolute power to decide on the reinstatement of the G4 because the decision not to readmit them to the party was made by the delegates through a resolution passed during the last TGA and so any decision to set aside that resolution must be made at the same forum.

He added that since a disciplinary committee headed by Dr Mohd Syafig was formed to decide on the sacking of the G4 any decision to reverse the committee’s recommendation must be referred to the same committee.

“So far the president has not explained or briefed the supreme council members on his unilateral act of reinstating the G4 which is ultra vires to his authority. Neither did he discuss or consult the supreme council members or his deputy prior to the issuance of the reinstatement certificates to the G4 before the chief minister.”

The Marudi Division chairman also questioned the “Reinstatement Certificates” issued to the G4.

“We don’t have such instrument in the party to approve any application from new members or former members.”

Alexander stressed that those who opposed the reinstatement of the G4 had no ulterior motives other than to defend at all cost the party from being split and disintegrate.

“If the current political landscape warranted the readmission of the G4 then it should be done within the parameters of the party’s constitution and rules.

Under these circumstances, we strongly feel that an EGM must be held as soon as possible to thrash out once and for all these controversial issues.”

Alex also stressed that the G4 are not members of the party yet unless their reinstatement had been approved during the proposed EGM.