Tuesday, September 27

Taiwanese paramotor pilots rave about Lutong beach, Miri as a top venue


MIRI: Taiwanese paramotor pilots have praised the Lutong Old Airport Beach as one of the top venues in Southeast Asia for the extreme sport.

Taiwanese paramotor instructor Hong Shuan Ho, 57, said the beach provides a good launching spot with lots of wind.

Here recently upon the invitation of local paramotor pilot Wong QQ, Hong said he was impressed by the good location.

“Miri is the gateway for both paragliding and paramotor enthusiasts in Sarawak and efforts must be made by the relevant parties to further promote and expose Lutong beach as one of the best venues for extreme sports flying,” he told The Borneo Post yesterday.

“Lutong Old Airport Beach features unique requirements for flying with strong wind, beautiful beach and sunset and fans can witness the flying activities as it is located near the coastal Lutong-Piasau road,” he said after flying above Lutong and the Miri seafront for the first time.

He was part of a group of Taiwanese paramotor pilots invited by the Miri Paramotor Club to fly and share their skills and manoeuvring knowledge with locals.

Fellow Taiwanese paramotor pilot Liew Chan Hea, 66, who took up paramotor flying 12 years ago, said paramotor sports enthusiasts in Miri must preserve this special location.

“We will promote Lutong to the paramotor club in Taiwan to visit here and see for themselves the uniqueness of the location and friendly people here.

“We were happy to fly in Lutong and Miri and will share our experience flying here with other pilots in Taiwan,” he said.

Apart from the Lutong Old Airport Beach, another good venue for the sport here is near Kampung Beraya beach.

Introduced to Miri eight years ago, the sport now has more than 20 licensed paramotor pilots here.