Composer Culter in Kuching for talk

Culter talks on music film composer at the workshop. — Photo by Jeffery Mostapa

KUCHING: Emmy-nominated composer Miriam Culter of the US was in town yesterday to give a talk on music film composer.

She was invited by Sarawak State Library in conjunction with the Lincoln Corner Sarawak 10th anniversary celebration.

She presented and worked with young music makers and shared with them her experience in her field of expertise.

“Young people in the music film are different these days,” she told reporters during a break in her workshop yesterday.

“We have everything in the digital world but when we were younger we had to drive and go around to record stores to get what we wanted. Today, we can just download them from i-tune…very convenient.”

She however said the young generation did not know how much effort were put into creating materials for films and documentaries as opposed to now when everything was all available on the finger tips.

“If no one pays for anything how are we going to survive as artists and keep making music, arts and films,” she asked

She also said the big global market for commercial movies had killed smaller productions that could also captivate audiences with short series and comedies in the past

“Big film makers have the money and there is not much room for smaller ideas and smaller productions. However, there are many small production series being produced and the audience has to seek them out in the Internet.”

She could just sit at home and find out about, for example Malaysian productions, films and artistes, and vice versa.

As a whole, the movie industry is opening up everything especially big production houses making big budget movies.

On her audience at her talk yesterday she found them a “very challenging lot but wonderful and full of interest.

“I am not surprised as there are cultural differences but we can connect through this workshop,” she said.

Cutler has an extensive background in scoring for independent film and TV projects. She has been chosen by her peers to join the academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as a member of Documentary Branch.

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