Fully Iban-language mini series to air on TVi

SARIKEI: Allen Tinggie Trading Sdn Bhd’s third mini series ‘Iban Taiko’, which is completely in Iban, will air on TVi in November.

(From left) Allen Tinggie Trading Sdn Bhd director Joseph Allen, Fahizal and Hereward are seen during the press conference.

A scene being shot at an outdoor location.

A cameraman and actors are seen on location for the police lock-up scene.

Cast and crew work on a longhouse scene.

Cast and crew are seen at the Sibu Specialist Medical Centre.

Producer Hereward Joseph Allen said shooting on the 13-episode drama started on June 18 and wrapped up on Sunday.

“All the actors and actresses are also locals, mostly recording artistes,” he said during a press conference with director Fahizal Abdullah on Monday.

The ‘taiko’ role of Freddie is played by Danny Lang, while heroine Stacy’s character is played by Sharleyna.

Other cast members are Stevenson as Ricky, Bruce Walker as Joseph, Julio (Carlos), Chabu (Jason), Tuai Rumah Sijah Enjut (Freddie’s mother Mary) and James Ruai (Justin).

Locations for the RM250,000 production included the Sarikei District police headquarters; Sarikei Central police station; Sebangkoi Country Resort; Rumah Imban, Pakan; Li Hua Hotel, Sibu; Toledo Hypermarket, Sibu; Daesco Hypermarket Sibu; and the Sibu Specialist Medical Centre.

Hereward said the police were involved in certain scenes to ensure no misrepresentation and for action scenes, they engaged a martial arts choreographer from the Ministry of Social Development.

The television drama centres around Freddie fighting the encroachment of Native Customary Rights (NCR) land.

Those encroaching the land engage the beautiful Stacy as their agent to strike a deal over the purchase of the land from the local community.

Allen Tinggie Trading Sdn Bhd’s previous two dramas were ‘Manang’ and ‘Kenali Meno Kamek’, which were also 13 episodes each.

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