Monday, May 23

Dewi shines at ‘Performing Arts Olympics’


KUCHING: Bidayuh lass Dewi Liana Seriestha brought pride to the state and country when she bagged numerous awards at the World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) in Hollywood, California, recently.

Dewi brings pride to the state and country.

Dewi showing her vocal prowess in Hollywood recently.

Dewi, a Miss Malaysia World 2014 finalist, won the gold medal for Classical Opera, three silvers for contemporary, world music and variety category (vocal), special award under Industry Award and medal for Classical Champion of WCOPA.

In sharing her daughter’s astounding achievements with The Borneo Post yesterday, her father,Yudhi Seriestha, said he was happy Dewi had made the state and country proud.

“She competed not for personal glory but to represent all Sarawakians and Malaysians, so the success is for everyone,” he enthused.

Dewi, who is studying at the National Arts Academy Kuala Lumpur (Aswara), is a singer, cat walk model, part time actress, composer and song writer by profession.

According to Yudhi, WCOPA, which was held from July 10 to 21, is the first and only international competition to unearth top aspiring performing artistes in the world.

“This competitive contest, which is held annually in Hollywood, is often referred to as the ‘Olympics of the Performing Arts’. Competitors of every age are judged on their acting, singing, dancing, modelling, instrumentalists and variety categories.

“Like the Olympics, the finest aspiring competitors from all countries who qualify are invited.”

He added that every contestant attending the WCOPA had been screened and selected under specific guidelines drawn up by Griff O’Neil in 1996.

“An Olympics-style competition in which singers compete only against other singers, dance groups compete only against other dance groups, and so on, the participants are grouped by age into juniors and seniors, and then a winner is selected in each performance category for both juniors and seniors over a week-long elimination process.

“Industry heavyweights, talent agents, record executives and television producers pick the finalists. During the finals, the champion is selected by 16 celebrity judges from among the top three to four performers in each category and both age groups. Of the eight category winners, one Junior and Senior Grand Champion Performer of the World is selected and awarded.”

Competitors from 50 countries, including Singapore, the Philippines, USA, Australia, China, Jamaica, India, Guatemala, Brunei, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Kazakhstan, Germany, Japan and South Korea participated.