Sunday, November 28

Lanang MP Alice Lau marries Melaka businessman


SIBU: Lanang MP Alice Lau got married to businessman Loo Chee Wee, from Melaka, yesterday.

The ceremony was held at the house of Alice’s parents – prominent local businessman Datuk Lau Cheng Kiong and Datin Ha Fong Yieng.

Loo is the eldest son of Madam Lim Nee Hoi, and he picked Dudong assemblyman Yap Hoi Liong to be his best man.

Loo and Yap came to pick up Alice at 9am, but they were teased to make a yoga pose before being allowed into the house.

But Loo had another obstacle to surmount at the staircase before he was allowed to meet Alice.

He was shown several pictures of eyes on a hand phone, and his task was to pick that of his wife’s.

The couple, garbed in Western attire, later exchanged their wedding rings and posed for photos with family members, relatives and friends.