‘Pesta Kopitiam’, another signature festival for Sarikei


SARIKEI: The town is set to embark on another festival to complement the Pineapple Fest which had been the division’s annual signature event for the past eleven years.

If the disclosure by Sarikei Resident, Dahim Nadot, during a recent press conference on this year’s Pineapple Fest do was anything to go by, the new festival for the town in the offing was ‘Pesta Kopitiam.’

The idea was conceptualized to reflect the big number of coffee shops and eateries scattered in every nook and corner of the town.

“ Sarikei could be the only town in the world where we can find at least a coffee shop or eatery on every commercial block,” he said.

“Sarikei District Council (SDC) which mooted idea must have many interesting and exciting programmes to make the event a presentable one,” he asserted during a press conference which was also attended by SDC chairman, Chan Phan Chan.

One of the objectives of the proposed festival was to complement the Pineapple Fest in promoting Sarikei as the fruit producer and the state’s `food basket’ as well as a tourism destination, Chan said.

As the event reflected Sarikei as a ‘kopitiam’ (cofee shops) town, SDC would certainly make use of the event to notch up the standard of services of the eateries in every aspect especially personal hygiene of food handlers and cleanliness of the premises, he pointed out.

The festival would be exclusively tailored for Sarikei Town like Pesta Limau for Bintangor, Pesta Lada for Julau and Pesta Pakan for Pakan, Dahim said.

However, Dahim and Chan had yet to announce the appropriate date or time to hold the event.