Mirian to represent Sarawak at public speaking contest

MIRI: SMK St Columba student Alastair Sim will represent Sarawak at the national-level Public Speaking Competition (secondary school) in Pahang on Oct 18-20.

Sim (centre) shows his trophies along with (from right) Rakini, Tiong, SMK St Columba senior assistant (curriculum) Mohd Effendi Panglima and teacher Sharon Litad Petrus.

Sim won the state-level event during the ‘English Carnival for Secondary and Primary School’ in Sibu last week.

His prepared speech ‘Everyone for a Peaceful World’ and impromptu speech ‘What Makes a Good Leader’ enabled him to defeat SMK Methodist Sibu’s Nathan Chua and SMK Bintulu’s Prerthan Munireternam, who were second and third respectively.

“Coaching Alastair is a pleasure. Our only worry is that the final exams, which are currently ongoing, may affect Alastair’s concentration. He will have to miss some papers as well,” said SMK St Columba English Department head Rakini Radakrishnan.

Sim’s former principal Robinette Tiong, who is also an active and experienced speaking coach, said speakers must read widely on a variety of subjects.

“This is especially important for the impromptu section; they have to think out of the box. Alastair is intelligent, versatile and has a natural charisma. I’m very proud of him,”she said.

The English Carnival is an annual event organised by the Education Ministry to promote the use of the English language.

Various competitions are held at district to national levels such as Public Speaking, Story Telling, Poetry Recitation, Action Song and Scrabble.

The Public Speaking Competition aims to raise awareness among students of the importance of the English language, and developing oral communication skills to inform, persuade and inspire.

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