Tuesday, February 7

South Kalimantan make efforts to climate change


BANJARMASIN, South Kalimantan: The government of South Kalimantan Province along with the local assembly agreed to make efforts and actions in relation to recent climate change, Antaranews reported.

Envoy of South Kalimantan DPRD Ibnu Sina conveyed this on Workshop Of Indonesian Experts Association For Climate Change And Forestry Of Kalimantan Region- APIKI Indonesia 3-4 November 2014 at the BP-REDD Mayapada Tower II Building, Jakarta, on Monday.

According to Ibn Sina, in his email to Antaranews Kalsel, local government and DPRD efforts related to climate Change was to set up programs on the Regional Environmental Agency and the Forest Agency.

Among are forestfire control programs, control of environment destruction, rehabilitation and restoration of natural resources reserves, conservation of natural resources and environmental development, and construction of Banua Botanical Garden.

While legislation such as publishing regional regulation (Perda) No. 1 year 2013 on Post-Mining Reclamation, non-smoking area Perda, Perda No. 10/2008 on landfire control, Perda on sustainable agricultural land protection, and Perda on province’s Spatial Layout Plan (RTRWP).

According to him, the city of Banjarmasin become one of the Green City Programme (P2KP) in Indonesia. The indicator including the quality and quantity of green open space (RTH) in the capital of South Kalimantan.

At that time, he said, the main cause of climate change and global warming is human activity of industrial activity and deforestation and land use changes. There are two ways to reduce climate change: mitigation and adaptation.

Cooperation with local governments in improving the environmental issues done by studying permits and regulations, law enforcement, improvement of peatland and empower communities and better development