Thursday, January 21

Bidayuh associations urged to help community


KUCHING: Various associations of the Bidayuh community are urged to be proactive in helping the community.

Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Datuk Seri Dr James Dawos said three important issues the associations must consider were economic, human capital development and unity among the community.

“The various Bidayuh associations must be proactive to help the community from the president to ordinary committee members.”

“We need to be proactive so we can progress like other communities,” Dawos said when opening a dinner – Jasamu Di Kenang – jointly organised by Special Affairs Department (Jasa) and Persatuan Bidayuh Bra’ang Padawan (PBBP) at Kampung Timurang recently.

The dinner was specially to fete former community leaders and other individuals in the Bra’ang clan of seven villages -Timurang, Payang, Bayur, Sigandar, Bidak, Kawa and Belimbing Darul Islam – who have contributed significantly towards development, education and religion in their villages.

Dawos, who is Mambong MP, said there were various opportunities provided by the government as announced in Budget 2015 by prime minister.

Among them were oil palm and rubber mini estates, and subsidy for hill padi farmers, where Bidayuhs having plenty of land.

“The Bidayuhs have large acreage of land and with such opportunities from the economic point of view, we must develop our land for commercial purpose to improve our economy,” he said.

Still on the Budget, Dawos urged Bidayuh villages to apply for street lightings in their villages because the government has increased street lighting in the village to 15. He went on to say that Bidayuhs must be proactive in their thinking to help themselves and the community, adding that proactive thinking did not necessarily be persons of higher education.

Dawos commended the effort of PBBP in organising the event to acknowledge those who had contributed to the wellbeing of the villages.

He hoped the association would be proactive in helping the people of the seven villages, economically, socially and in education. PBBP president Clif Mengud, Suhakam Asia-Pacific Region’s Datuk Detta Samen, Penghulu John Jentor  and Kampung Timurang village chief Born Amer were among those present.