Entrepreneur uses natural ingredients in her beauty products

Women attend a body massage course conducted by Hartini.

MIRI: Hartini Zailani is taking the local beauty and spa industry by storm with her wide range of au naturale massage oil, body scrub and skincare products made from Ba Kelalan salt.

Met at her spa salon recently, the soft-spoken entrepreneur is a young woman living her dream of being an entrepreneur in the beauty industry.

“Branded skincare products and spa treatment sold in the market contain chemicals not suitable for every skin. Some may experience rashes, pimples and other side-effects, not to mention the high prices, so I thought of producing my own skincare and spa treatment products,” she told The Borneo Post.

To turn her concept to reality, Hartini who is also a certified aesthetician did a research of the wide range of natural resources available in the market and chanced on Ba Kelalan salt.

“Ba Kelalan salt is a nutritious edible material beneficial to our body and health. Soaking our feet in warm water to which this salt has been added could ease joint and knee pain as well as lumbago (low back pain). Salt can be applied to the outer skin to remove dead skin cells, smoothen and brighten the skin.”

“There has yet to be any product produced from Ba Kelalan salt, so I took the opportunity to explore and introduce it to the public,” she said.

Armed with basic knowledge on handmade products picked while studying at a beauty academy in Penang, and after attending a short course on soap making, she experimented on coming up with her own products using natural local ingredients like turmeric, ginger and lemongrass. Ingredients like papaya and lemon are often incorporated to help whiten skin. Some of her best products contain Ba Kelalan salt and Ba Kelalan rice.

“The procedure involves grounding and drying Ba Kelalan rice under the sun to remove moisture and mixing it with salt and herbs. The body scrub treatment helps remove dead skin cells, smoothen skin and improve blood circulation,” she reiterated.

The products were launched after months of clinical tests with Hartini testing them on herself.

Hartini often travels to towns in Limbang and Lawas to conduct beauty and massage courses for single mothers and women who want to earn extra income from the booming industry.

Last year, she conducted four workshops in Limbang.

“Apart from teaching them the skills and technique, it is important to consult them on where they are planning to go after the workshop. Determination and hard work are important to success,” she said.

She believes in starting small so capital must not be a problem for women who want to start their own business.

“Be ambitious and go for their dream before it slips away. Taking the first step is the hardest move, but once you are out there, nothing can stop you from achieving success,” Hartini said.

Aromatheraphy salt made from Ba Kelalan Salt.

Handmade Bario soaps.

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