Tuesday, September 27

Four classes at SK Anchi without power


MIRI: Four classes of Primary 3 pupils at SK Anchi have been studying in classrooms without electricity for over a month.

A parent in his 50s has complained that his child has to sit in the dark in the classroom every morning.

“Can the Ministry of Education look into the matter promptly as it involves children acquiring education at an early level,” the parent, who declined to be named, told The Borneo Post yesterday.

He said the classes are equipped with fans but there is no electricity to run them after the temporary supply from the old block of classrooms was cut off by the authority concerned.

According to the father, the classes had electricity supply throughout January.

“My question now is why are the classes used to accommodate the children as the building should have proper electricity supply first,” he complained.

When contacted, Early Childhood Education and Family Development Assistant Minister Rosey Yunus said she will refer the issue to the Education Ministry.

She called on parents facing such problems to work together with the school authority and the parent-teacher association.

“Through the discussion, all parties can solve the problem,” she said.