Wednesday, July 6

SMK St Columba launches annual month-long Curriculum Carnival


Mee Chang (standing centre with tie) and the Curriculum Carnival 2015 organising committee members. In the picture is a guitar constructed from recycled items that include cans.

MIRI: SMK St Columba Miri launched its Curriculum Carnival 2015 on Tuesday (April 7) to kickstart various activities to be held throughout April.

School principal Mee Chang Tuie launched the annual event organised jointly by four departments – Science and Mathematics, Technical and Vocational, Humanities and Language.

The coordinator is Pui Hui Foung, a senior teacher of the Technical and Vocational Department.

Among the activities are KBAT science and mathematics quiz, Young Scientist, Sudoku, and competitions on aerospace, G-maths, invention, cooking, drawing and colouring. There is also fashion show, football, essay writing, oratory, debate, traditional games, and products made from recycled materials.

Mee Chang in his speech encouraged teachers and students to be actively involved. Among the objectives of the carnival are to provide opportunities for them to showcase their creative and innovative talent and skills.

At the same time he said it was to encourage teachers to be open-minded in educating and nurturing their students not just to excel in academic and co-curricular activities but to become responsible individuals and effective leaders.

“The activities organised are to encourage the teaching and learning of various subjects as an enjoyable and enriching experience, besides promoting teamwork and harmony among students so they will discard the individualistic spirit.

Involve yourselves actively as experiences and skills acquired could help you to solve problems in life. At the same time it could be a platform to discover your true potential that charts a promising life,” he said.

Meanwhile, the closing ceremony will be on April 30.

Several schools have been invited to the exhibition.