Bamboo fence contest an attraction at Kaamatan Festival


TAMBUNAN: A bamboo fence competition, in conjunction the State-Level Kaamatan Festival on May 1, will be one of the attractions for visitors using the Kota Kinabalu-Tambunan road on that day.

Organizing chairman of the festival, Thomas Logijin, said yesterday that the uniqueness of the competition would be on the fences, built using local resources such as bamboo and rattan.

“And for the first time, this bamboo fence competition will be the longest stretch ever undertaken by the residents living along the road leading to the town,” he said.

Thomas said the bamboo fence would be 11 kilometres long, and the competition, involving 26 villages, would certainly be an attraction for visitors during the festival.

He said the construction of fence started from Kampung Sunsuron Ulu and Sunsuron Bawah right up to Kampung Dabata.

“The villages involved are Kg Sunsuron Ulu, Kg Sunsuron Bawah, Kg Pantai, Kg Kapayan Baru, Kg Tombotuon, Kg Kapayan Lama, Kg Mangi-Pangi, Kg Tangaban, Kg Lumondou, Kg Tinompok, Kg Tibabar, Kg Maras Karas, Kg Toboh, Kg Minodung, Kg Gagaraon, Kg Botung, Kg Piasau, Kg Nouduh, Kg Karanaan, Kg Mogong, Kg Sandapak, Kg Lintuhun, Kg Dalungan, Kg Kampung Baru and Kg Dabata.

He said the fence would beautify the roadside for visitors who use the Kota Kinabalu-Tambunan road as a symbol of wealth with the abundance of bamboo trees growing wild in the district.

Thomas, who is also the Tambunan district officer, said Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Haji Aman would launch the state-level Kaamatan Festival at the Pisompuruan Square here on May 1.

As the host, he said the district would be preparing to make this the grandest launching ceremony of the Kaamatan Festival.

“The grand launch will be attended by about 35 representatives of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association,”he said.

Various events will also be held in conjunction with the festival starting from April 25 to May 1, to attract more people from interior and other areas to come and witness the events.

According to Thomas, on April 25, there will be a Kaamatan Carnival, Tambunan Kaamatan Charity Run, traditional sports competition, Poboian Menangon om boros KadazanDusun, bamboo fence competition, sumazau and gong beating competition.

“April 28 is the Huminodun Night and Gala Nite and also the Sugandoi final competition. On May 1, there will be competitions and exhibitions of agricultural, livestock and agro-based products, tourism fairs, exhibitions and sales of crafts that will colour the atmosphere of the Kaamatan launching ceremony later,”he said.

Among the activities to be held on the same day are the mimpulos competition, local artistes and cultural performances, exhibitions of National Science Centre, knowledge sharing with the nation’s first astronaut, Dr Sheikh Muszaphar and the Unduk Ngadau contest.

Thomas said several artistes have been invited to further enliven the celebration and they include Abu Bakar Ellah (Ampal), Philipus Jani (Somporing), Francis Landong, Bili-Bili Do, Jimmy Palikat, Evaritus Gungkit, Raja Lawak, Diana S. Tuning and Rasario Niny.

The people around Sabah, especially in the interior and the districts, are cordially invited to come and witness the interesting events during the launching of the state-level Kaamatan on May 1.