Experience Gawai in a longhouse


MIRI: Members of the public yet to celebrate Gawai in a longhouse setting are welcome to Gawai Dawak 2015 celebrated at Gua Long House Chalet, about 30 minutes from the city centre.

Themed ‘A Day at the Longhouse’ the event organised by the homestay will take place on Sunday (April 26).

Organising chairlady Letycia Sima Linang said this Gawai Dayak organised at their property is open to the public free of charge. The Harvest Festival which is a platform to promote the Dayak lifestyle is meant to draw visitors to the property and to Miri in general.

The one-day celebration will commence at 8am with a zumba exercise followed by games, competitions and karaoke contest offering various attractive prizes.

The Gawai will start with a ‘miring’ and local band ‘Bujang Bungai Terung’ will perform.

The highlight of the celebration at Gua Long House Chalet will be the Kumang and Keling Gawai Contest at 7pm.

The venue will be decorated with Iban elements and all staff will be dressed in traditional Iban attire.

“We will hold a traditional Iban costume fashion show, presentation of traditional music such as ‘taboh’, ‘sape’ along with ‘ngajat’, and demo on kueh-making,” she added.

The organiser will treat visitors to traditional dishes such as ‘pansuh’, ‘penganan’, ‘roti jala’ and ‘tuak’(rice wine). For enquiries, contact Letycia at 011-19683391.