Saturday, August 13

Moscow hostel fire: Six students still warded


KUALA LUMPUR: Six out of 21 students who were involved in a fire in Moscow Wednesday night are still undergoing medical treatment for carbon monoxide poisoning and burns while other students had been discharged.

The Embassy of Malaysia in Moscow deputy head Francisco Munis said the six students has been placed at Sklifosovskogo Hospital with embassy officers being placed to monitor their progress.

“Other students are already stable, only six are still warded. Out of the six, four of them undergoing respiratory treatment while another two students undergoing treament to treat their burns,” he told Bernama after being contacted, yesterday.

All of the students family members have been informed of the incident.

Asked whether the students will be given a temporary recovery to come back to Malaysia, Munis stated it is still yet to be confirmed.

A discussion between the embassy personnel with the students will be organised to discuss on that matter.

“Right now our priority is their welfare are being taken good care, students which have been discharged will be placed at a temporary place with the help of the university.

On Wednesday night, 21 Malaysian students at the Russian National Research Medical University (RNRMU) were caught in a fire incident after a fire broke out at its students hostel, at 11.30pm (Moscow Time zone).

Seven students warded were Mohannan Pattu, Pavin Raaj Selva Kumar, Praveena Sunthar Raj, Chen Wei Jun, Naveen Anbalakan, Zainal Nastain and Sharath Raj.

However, one of them had been discharged but no further details were divulged. — Bernama