Wednesday, May 12

PPRT house left uncompleted for eight years claim


TUARAN: A local senior citizen whose wooden house here was burnt down a week ago has appealed to the relevant authority to expedite the completion of his house under the Housing Project for the Hardcore Poor (PPRT).

Gansip Anggang, 64, of Kampung Selupuh is currently putting up at the home of the village head who sympathizes with the plight of the man who is disabled and lives alone with no relatives.

Gansip voiced out his plight through Pertubuhan Angkatan Rakyat Asli Sabah (AGARAS) president Michael Frederick and United Sabah Dusun Association (USDA) leader Bobby Ewat, who visited him recently.

According to Frederick, the government had listed Gansip in 2008 as a beneficiary for a house under the PPRT housing scheme.

However, the house has yet to be completed despite various calls by local leaders to the government to complete it as soon as possible.

“The PPRT housing programme is meant for the poor so we are urging the district office to take appropriate action because the house is only half-completed and abandoned for almost eight years now,” said Frederick.

He said AGARAS was aware that the government had been providing various facilities to the people in need.

“AGARAS is hoping the house is completed as soon as possible to enable Gansip to move into this house and to start a new life,” Frederick added.

During the visit, AGARAS also donated used clothes, groceries, kitchen equipment and some cash to the victim.