Four orang utan births at wildlife reserve

Otan and Spike.

Otan and Spike.

KOTA KINABALU: The birth of four orang utan babies at the Tabin Wildlife Reserve in Sabah this year is bringing new hope for the critically endangered species.

Spike, Camelia, Daniel and Doris are born under the reintroduction programme run by Orangutan Appeal UK.

It is the first time the programme has seen a 100% birth rate and gives hope of reviving the dwindling numbers being born into the wild.

There are just 50,000 left in the wild today – a figure that has dropped from 120,000 in the last 60 years.

Susan Sheward MBE and Chair of the charity said: “This is an amazing achievement and proves just how incredibly successful our Post Release Monitoring Programme has been. These four babies are so important to maintain the orangutan population for future generations.”