Townhouses a new concept in Sarawak with potential to grow


KUCHING: Although townhouses are a relatively new concept in Sarawak, the sector has the potential to grow in the future, opined CH William Talhar Wong and Yeo Sdn Bhd (WTWY).

‘Townhouses are gaining in popularity in Peninsular Malaysia and are already a well-received concept in developed countries such as the US and the UK,” said managing director Robert Ting in a statement yesterday.

A townhouse isusually a house oftwo or sometimes three storeys, that is usually connected to a similar house by a common sidewall.

“Typically, a townhouse development is one which is managed by a property management committee,’Ting said.

Ting added that one of the main attractions of a townhouse is that it provides a balance between affordability and privacy.

“Townhouses offer landed house living with condo facilities, as they are something of a ‘middle ground’ between a completely landed home and condominiums.

“As a townhouse would normally have a multi-level layout and private entry, with some coming with a private yard and garage, it gives the feel of a single family home such as a sense of privacy, without the expense that comes from owning and maintaining the home and its grounds yourself,” he explained.

Ting added that townhouse developments which are properly managed, can add value to lifestyle.

“As a townhouse development is a gated and guarded development, it provides peace of mind for its residents.

“In addition, residents can enjoy various amenities and security provided and managed by the property manager of that development, something similar to that of condo living.

“As the external area of the townhouse, such as the yard, is managed by the property manager, you are availed from the need to maintain it yourself.

“As such, townhouses is an option to be considered, especially for new families, first time home owners or even multi-generational homes and retirees desiring some level of privacy within a secured environment, with the availability of facilities and other modern conveniences. This option may very well be the trend in time to come.”