Deity’s headgear stolen from Miao Li Temple


SIBU: Whoever broke into the Miao Li Temple at Mile 25 Oya Road here last Sunday seemed to have a weird penchant – the headgear of the Guan Yin deity statue was stolen.

A monk staying on the first floor heard a noise around 11.30pm and called out asking who it was outside but no one answered.

He did feel something amiss, but was afraid to check it out.

The break-in was only discovered the following day when the temple opened at 6.30am.

The front and side doors were found tampered with, but the burglar is believed to have entered the temple through a window.

A cabinet was also found tampered with, but a donation box was left intact.

In a break-in at the same place last year, cash inside a donation box was stolen.