Sabah firm takes three corporate brandings to global recognition

MMTC CEO and Principal Peter Chua and Distinctone Sdn Bhd Director Dr Janet Lee posing with their trophy and certificate of excellence.

MMTC CEO and Principal Peter Chua and Distinctone Sdn Bhd Director Dr Janet Lee posing with their trophy and certificate of excellence.

KOTA KINABALU: Distinctone Sdn Bhd, under the leadership of Dr Janet Lee, has won two prestigious awards for brand development, rebranding, marketing and research for Malaysia Music Teachers Training College (MMTC), Music Mart and therockschool, as well as ECC Playschool Plus.

The International Business Nobel Award for Branding Excellence and Leadership Excellence were presented during the 14th Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2015 ceremony held at the Marriot Hotel, Putrajaya on Monday.

The awards were presented by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Joseph Kurup.

Represented by three distinctive brands: the Malaysia Music Teachers Training College, Music Mart & therockschool and EEC Playschool Plus, Distinctone Sdn Bhd hopes to be a pioneer in the creative entrepreneurship industry in Sabah and Malaysia by combining creative arts, entrepreneurship and tiptop services as the basis of its business.

More than a college for music teachers, the Malaysia Music Teachers Training College strives to be a life-skill college that is fully committed in improving soft skills as well as upscaling the human capital in the creative arts industry, particularly in the music retail and teaching industry.

As the first ever vocational institution for creative arts in Sabah and Malaysia, MMTC also teaches entrepreneurship skills to its students.

“We believe that by equipping our students with a wide range of enterprising skills, they will find success and employment opportunities everywhere and anywhere they wish to be,” said Lee.

MMTC is also expected to be opening its very first business model at the Suria Sabah shopping mall in order to facilitate new students’ enrollment and registration. This is also in order to support and facilitate the entrepreneurship of MMTC’s teacher trainees once they graduated.

In the future, there will be another flagship business model for a playschool, known as the EEC Playschool Plus to be set up.

Following the footsteps of MMTC, this new playschool will be the first ever playschool of its kind in the region that stimulates early childhood development and learning through creative arts.

“Global market demand for creative content has risen steadily over the last decade. In economic terms, the creative industries are among the fastest growing sectors of the world economy despite the downturn in the global economy,” said Lee, a director of Distinctone Sdn Bhd.

“Investing in the creative arts industries is vital in the structural transformation of a new generation to enlarge the creative economy, on the other hand, fabricating and bolstering our cultural identity through music and arts starting from children,” Lee concluded.

In his speech, Kurup said, “As the world is being streamlined via the process of globalization and internet technology, in addition to current uncertain economic climate, it is critical for companies strengthening their business and actively readjusting positions in adapting to the quick changing environment, or otherwise be eliminated from the marketplace.”

He added that entrepreneurs must put in their best effort in adapting and applying new technologies to remain competitive.

They must be prepared to transform their entire business, to be able to meet global standards, requirements and new market demands, he said.

In addition to providing music lessons for children and adults from all walks of life, Music Mart & therockschool also serves as a retail outlet for music instruments, such as guitars, pianos, etc.

On top of providing satisfying retail experience and offering the best prices for music instruments, Music Mart also provides excellent after-sale customer service, such as piano tuning, repairs and other maintenance services, Kurup said.

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