Don’t believe in ‘apai nyamun’ postings — Police

Supt Zailanni Amit

Supt Zailanni Amit

BINTULU: Police have opened two investigation papers in connection with the fake ‘apai nyamun’ postings which went viral in the social media recently.

The postings claimed that a few longhouse residents in Bintulu, Tatau and Mukah had been snatched in two separate incidents for their heads and organs which would be sold.

Bintulu police chief Supt Zailanni Amit said the two cases were being investigated under Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998.

He said some individuals had been and would be called upon to assist in the investigation and possible arrests would be carried out against the social media abusers.

“We are also looking at the administrator of the group page for spreading the fake news,” said Zailanni.

He added that the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) had been requested to close down the Facebook (FB) page.

In the past two weeks, the postings went viral and were discussed mainly in ‘Bintulu News’ FB page group.

“Two days ago while some parts of Sarawak were experiencing a blackout, there was an irresponsible individual claiming that three people around Mukah and Bintulu were kidnapped and said all victims were killed.

“I deny everything that had been posted in the social media as baseless and no police report was made on the alleged cases.

“It turns out the incidents were all fake and it seems that the irresponsible people are trying to scare the people in Bintulu. Probably these social media abusers might have some other agenda,” he said in a statement yesterday.

He advised social media users to be more careful and not to be fooled by unverified stories.

“As the major enforcement agency to validate any issues involving criminal matters, please come and see me,” he added.

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