Fear leads teachers to lodge police reports of ‘penyamun’

DSP Gabriel Risut

DSP Gabriel Risut

MARUDI: Following rumours spread through the social media, two primary school teachers lodge two police reports that a stranger, feared to be a ‘penyamun’ (head hunter, had entered Rumah Man, a longhouse in Sg Bakas, Beluru, in which they rented a house.

This was revealed by Baram police chief DSP Gabriel Risut, who said the teachers from SK Sg Bakas made the reports at Beluru Police Station on Monday night.

Gabriel said the teachers were scared.

“I myself with Sgt Johnny and a team from Marudi Police Station and Beluru went to Rumah Man and interviewed the house owner and also Tuai Rumah Man.

He told us that he saw someone holding a mobile phone around 70 metres from him.

“I asked him whether the stranger wore any special cloth or held any parang (knife) or weapon.

“He said he didn’t know,” Gabriel said.

Gabriel then asked the house owner what made him think the stranger was a ‘penyamun’.

“He said he heard of such rumours from people,” Gabriel said.

Gabriel then told him not to believe in such rumours as it would make other people fear something that was not true.

After that, Gabriel said they went to other longhouses where the people told them that they did not believe in the rumours.

“I want to make it clear to the public in Marudi that there has been no such thing happening as spread in Facebook,” he assured.

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