Don’t spread rumours, Miri police chief tells public

Junaidi showing reporters the post which went viral on Facebook yesterday as Lai looks on.

Junaidi showing reporters the post which went viral on Facebook yesterday as Lai looks on.

MIRI: Miri police chief DSP Junaidi Bujang warns Mirians to stop spreading rumours that can cause unnecessary panic and chaos among members of the public here.

The warning came after two car thieves who were mistaken for ‘headhunters’ were badly beaten up by over 50 villagers in an incident which took place at Batu Niah several days ago.

“The men were badly beaten up and badly injured in the incident because the villagers thought they were head and organ hunters. But they were just car thieves who had just stolen a Kancil.

“They caught up with a group of villagers while running away from the police, and this group beat them up. They managed to escape from the group and ran back to the police who immediately arrested them,” he said.

Junaidi said someone posted the incident on Facebook yesterday, claiming that those beaten up were headhunters and organ hunters, which he clarified was untrue.

“The posting is irresponsible and causing unnecessary panic among members of the public. The two men were locals and they were mere car thieves,” he said.

He added that the police would hunt down the person who put up the status on Facebook yesterday and bring him in for investigation under Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998.

“It is a crime to spread such rumours and we will also investigate the report of the duo being beaten up by about 50 members of the public,” he said adding that one of the duo suffered serious injuries on his head, left shoulder, left arm and eyebrow.

He added that the rumours had also caused some parents to stop their children from going to school, for fear of them being taken by the so-called headhunters.

Junaidi told reporters this when met at a ceremony to hand over the CCTV project by Miri City Council to Miri Police yesterday. Also present was Miri mayor Lawrence Lai.


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