Friday, July 1

Illegally felled logs found at Temabong Sg Kelabat

SFC officers check the logs before seizing them.

SFC officers check the logs before seizing them.

KUCHING: A team of enforcement officers from Sarawak Forestry Corporation (Bintulu) caught a suspect believed to be an illegal logger when they raided a site at Temabong Sg Kelabat, Pandan in Sebauh on Wednesday.

SFC in a statement yesterday said the team, who acted on a hunch that a forested area with a recently expired short-term timber licence could be a fertile ground for illegal loggers, also found 120 illegal logs of various species in addition to catching the culprit red-handed.

“The others fled upon our arrival at the scene.

“We also found an excavator and a crawler,” said a spokesperson.

The suspect’s statement has been recorded and a police report of the case has been filed.

Further investigation would be carried out by the state Forest Department.