Tuesday, August 9

Lorry attendant found dead by co-worker after unloading job


KUCHING: A lorry attendant was found dead in the front seat of that vehicle, not long after he told a co-worker that he wanted to take a nap.

The incident happened on Friday afternoon when the 35-year-old man, originally from Bintangor, was unloading fertilisers and pesticides from the lorry at Mile 10 Bazaar, together with a co-worker.

It is reported that the attendant complained about feeling unwell, after which he told his co-worker that he wanted to take a nap in the lorry.

However when the co-worker later checked on the attendant, the latter was unresponsive. Medical personnel were called to the scene but could do nothing except to pronounce the attendant dead on site.

The body was sent by police to Sarawak General Hospital mortuary. State CID chief SAC Dev Kumarm, when contacted yesterday, said police had classified the case as sudden death – pending the outcome of post mortem.

“It could be that he could have inhaled or mishandled the poison or insecticide that he was unloading from the lorry. The post mortem will confirm the cause of death,” he said.