Friday, December 2

Endangered wildlife seized from vendor at Bintulu Tamu

Parakeets and tree shrews.

Parakeets and tree shrews.

BINTULU: The Sarawak Forest Department confiscated six Borneo short-tailed python, three tortoises, two tree shrews and two parakeets at Bintulu Tamu yesterday, acting on a public tip-off.

An SFD enforcement officer said all the wildlife are included on the list of endangered species, and that this activity of selling prohibited animals has been going on for more than four years.

“It is believed that a kilogramme of Borneo short-tailed python or locally known as ‘Ripong’ can fetch up to RM30, while the tree shrews are tagged at RM40 each, tortoises at RM15 and parakeets sold at RM30 each.

“SFD officers took statements from the vendor for further investigation,” he said.

It is said that other illegal items also made available in the local market here include venison, bear gall bladder and deer antlers.

Apart from Bintulu Tamu, other places being watched for this unlawful activity include Simpang Bakun that sells wild boar meat and pythons and Pasar Selangau selling tortoises.

Under Section 29 (2) of the Wild Life Protection Ordinance, anyone in possession of any protected animals without a licence issued under this ordinance are liable to imprisonment for 1 year and a fine of RM10, 000.

Borneo short-tailed python or better known as ‘Ripong’.

Borneo short-tailed python or better known as ‘Ripong’.