Dr Sim wins in Batu Kawah with over 2,000 majority

[9:02 PM, 5/7/2016] Lim How Pim BP: Dr Sim embraces his mother (left) and wife at the tallying centre at SMK Batu Kawa. [9:03 PM, 5/7/2016] Marilyn BP: Mother Puan Sri Lim Siew Kheng Wife Datin Enn Ong

Dr Sim embraces his mother (left) Puan Sri Lim Siew Kheng and wife Datin Enn Ong at the tallying centre at SMK Batu Kawa after learning of his victory.

KUCHING: SUPP president Senator Datuk Dr Sim Kui Hian succeeded in wresting Batu Kawah from DAP with a comfortable majority of 2,085 votes.

“Because of you, I had a good majority for N.14 Batu Kawah,” said Dr Sim in a message to voters tonight (May 7).

Dr Sim garnered 6,414 votes while Christina Chiew of DAP had 4,329 votes and independent candidate Liu Thian Leong had  1,109 votes.

The constituency saw a turnout of 11,987 (70.9 per cent) voters during polling day today out of the 16,991 registered voters.

135 were spoilt votes.

He also thanked Sarawakians for giving the mandate to SUPP in Batu Kitang, Repok, Meradong, Senadin and Piasau.

“We also thank you for your support for SUPP for Kota Sentosa, Batu Lintang, Pending, Padungan, Bukit Assek and Tanjung Batu.”

He added: “It is the people’s power for TeamAdenan.”

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