National hero Awang returns home to huge welcome

Awang on a wheel chair poses with PVTKR members at Kuching International Airport.

Awang on a wheel chair poses with PVTKR members at Kuching International Airport.

KUCHING: Exco members of Persatuan Veteran Tentera Kor Renjer (PVTKR) led by their president Lt Col (R) Mohd Melintang Abdullah welcome home a national hero, Sgt (R) Awang Raweng, after attending the annual Queen invitation in London for a week.

Awang is Malaysia’s sole George Cross (GC) recipient. He was awarded the medal of valour by the British government after his heroic acts in saving the life of a soldier while he was serving in the military during the Malayan Emergency between 1948 and 1960.

According to a statement from PVTKR, Awang’s gallantry story happened when he was attached to 10th Platoon, D Company, 1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment in Johor when their jungle patrol was attacked by 50 bandits. Two members of the platoon, the leading scout and section commander were killed while Awang was wounded in the thigh.

Despite his injury, he pulled Private G Hughes for cover. Awang returned fire, repulsing every attempt by the bandits to advance, despite suffering a severe wound to his right arm (second injury).

As the bandits surrounded the injured pair, Awang clasped a grenade in his left hand and dared the bandits to attack him. He held off the bandits for 45 minutes forcing them to withdraw and saved Hughes’ life.

“For his coolness, fortitude and offensive spirit as well as his courage to continue the fight he was awarded George Cross (GC), the highest gallantry award for military honour.”


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