Armour at the Park attracts 160 enthusiasts

Participants working out at Armour at the Park at the Old Courthouse.

Participants working out at Armour at the Park at the Old Courthouse.

KUCHING: After a successful track record in Kuala Lumpur, UA Sports Malaysia Sdn Bhd, an exclusive Under Armour distributor in Malaysia under Triple Private Limited has brought it a step further by having their first ever Armour at the Park here – Kuching.

A group of more than 160 people attended the inaugural Armour at the Park initiative at the Old Courthouse opposite the picturesque Kuching Waterfront yesterday morning.

According to UA Sports Malaysia Sdn Bhd assistant marketing manager Lynn D Ong, Armour at the Park was a complimentary twice a month community initiative to encourage a healthy lifestyle among the public.

“Held over a two-hour period today (yesterday), participants were led through a well-rounded workout on functional training, martial arts fitness, and the ubiquitous core and abs workout. The carefully curated total body workout is based on a basic foundation workout with a twist of variation from a mixed combination of upper, lower body, and core movement, ranging from supersets to alternate movements.

“This will help improve total body coordination with a repetitive change in direction that will also help to increase the intensity of the workout without increasing the weight of the equipment,” she said when met after the event.

These sessions are curated by Under Armour’s gym partners in Kuching, the first eight sessions of which will be led by The Gym Box, with the remaining eight sessions by Phoenix Gym.

The Gym Box is the largest health and fitness facility in Sarawak, and Phoenix Gym is Kuching’s cutting edge gym specialising in functional movement training.

“We are trying to build, not just a fit community but also a running community as well, so we make them do a 2km run along the Kuching Waterfront before they continued to perform several workout programmes including MMA and other workouts before we ended the whole session with abs workout at the Old Courthouse.

“We really appreciate how the whole community in Kuching is supporting us during this programme and we will continue to hold more of such activity in the near future,” she added.

Armour at the Park will continue to be held at the Old Courthouse here twice a month starting yesterday and the next one will be on June 4.

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