Helicopter crashes in Tawau school compound, at least 20 injured


A Nuri helicopter has crashed into part of a school building and canteen at SMK Balung Tawau in Sabah, about 40km from the city centre this morning (Oct 4).

Early reports state that at least 21 people, including students, have been injured in the crash.

According to a press release from the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF), the RMAF Nuri helicopter was in the midst of a training flight when it was forced to make an emergency landing at the school at approximately 9.35am.

All 14 crew members aboard the helicopter are safe and are receiving treatment for their injuries.

Upon receiving news of the incident, RMAF dispatched a rescue team to ascertain the situation and to help with evacuating the school and the helicopter’s crew.

District police chief ACP Fadil Marsus said the pilot, who was pinned inside the wreckage, was the last victim to be sent to Tawau hospital and is believed to seriously injured.

Five students were also injured in the incident.

The school has been temporarily declared as a restricted area as the authorities conduct their investigation after all of its students and teachers were evacuated.

An investigative committee is being formed to pinpoint the cause of the crash.