Thursday, January 20

Sabah graft case: Gold seized worth RM3.64 mln, cars RM2.7 mln

Cash amounting to RM52 million, jewellery, luxury watches and foreign currencies that were seized by MACC. (File photo)

Cash amounting to RM52 million, jewellery, luxury watches and foreign currencies that were seized by MACC. (File photo)

KOTA KINABALU: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) yesterday confirmed that the jewellery owned by the Water Department director and deputy director weighted 19.3 kg altogether.

The director had in his possession 14.5kg of gold worth RM2.74 million, while the deputy director had 4.8kg worth about RM900,000, said the source from MACC.

The gold valuation was carried out by an expert from Bank Rakyat.

The exercise began at 10.30am and concluded at about 12.15pm. The amount was confirmed by MACC deputy chief commissioner (Operations) Datuk Azam Baki.

On the value of the eight luxury cars seized from the duo, the source said they were estimated at RM2.7 million.

The most expensive car was valued at RM650,000, while the least expensive RM137,563.

The source also said the MACC team had taken statements from 11 other individuals to facilitate further investigations into the abuse-of-power case.

According to Bernama, they are the staff of a government agency here and a contractor, and they had given their full cooperation to the MACC.

However, family members of the director and deputy director had yet to be called as the team was still scrutinising all the relevant documents.

“The MACC is also investigating whether there is a VIP involved in this case.”

The source also stated that the MACC was also in the midst of assessing the value of 127 Sabah land titles, which were under the names of the deputy director and his family members.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman has refuted allegations that the arrest of the two top officers  and seizure of cash, jewellery and assets by  MACC are related to him.

Anifah, who is Umno Kimanis branch chairman and Kimanis MP, also denied that the branch was connected to the case.

“Umno Kimanis and I are not in any way involved or implicated in the case under investigation. Let MACC do its job fairly and properly without interference.

“We would not hesitate to take legal action should these defamatory statements continue to be published,” said Anifah in a statement yesterday.