Tuesday, November 29

Bersih 5 convoy gets warm welcome at Balai Ringin

Bersih 5 convoy members together with villagers at Balai Ringin.

Bersih 5 convoy members together with villagers at Balai Ringin.

KUCHING: Sarawak Bersih 5 convoy completed its Sri Aman to Balai Ringin leg of the journey on Saturday, and was warmly welcomed by around 50 villagers upon arrival.

Convoy members handed the Bersih torch to local organisers there. It was a breakthrough for Bersih in Sarawak, showing that the rural community also supports the cause.

“We, the organising committee, are very grateful to everyone in Sarawak who supports our efforts. We also hope that together we can bring more positive changes to Sarawak and its people,” said Bersih Sarawak vice chairperson Ann Teo in a press statement yesterday.

The 30-person and nine-car convoy also stopped at Lachau town and Sungai Tenggang along the way.

In both places, they received support and good response from both visitors and local people as the team distributed leaflets and sold Bersih merchandise to raise awareness of Bersih 5 demands.

But the group expressed sadness over Bersih chairperson Maria Chin Abdullah’s arrest in Sabah, for violation of Section 11 of Printing Presses and Publication Act, 1984.

“Here, we would like to thank the authorities, especially the PDRM Sarawak for their cooperation throughout the Bersih 5 convoy so far.”

The Bersih 5 convoy resumes on Nov 5, departing Balai Ringin for Serian, with stops in Simunjan and Gedong. Anyone can join. Just turn up at Balai Ringin town on November 5 at 8am.