Saturday, March 25

Blue Tears & Bioluminescence phenomenon back again in Miri!




Remember the photo of Blue Tears I took last year? I had the chance to witness and capture images of it again.

I went to Tusan Beach yesterday around 8pm, at first the blue tears was not bright and hard to be seen, but around 10pm, the blue tears began to glow brighter. With the rolling of the waves, the Blue Tears glowed bright intermittently. After almost 50 photos, I was finally able to capture some images of the beautiful Blue Tears.

I then wondered if this Blue Tears was present at the Esplanade Beach. So I headed to check there and…YES…the Blue Tears was present there, too but not as clear as seen at Tusan Beach. You have to crouch to observe the sea water closely; you will notice small glowing blue dots.

I had heard the Blue Tears phenomenon had started a few days ago at Tusan Beach.  Last year, the Blue Tears was seen at most beaches in Miri.

Here are some tips for those who wish to witness the Blue Tears phenomenon themselves:
1. Find a dark area and let your eyes adapt to dark for about 10 minutes, avoid using torchlight as the light pollution will affect the visibility of the Blue Tears or bioluminescence to our eyes. But for safety purpose you have to use the touch light, for example when walking on the sand, always be aware of your surroundings.

2. Crouch down and closely observe the sea water as the waves roll in and you may notice small glowing blue dots.  Look to see the coming sea waves glow or not. Be patient if you do not see any signs of “glowing” waves because sometimes it glows bright sometimes it doesn’t.

So don’t miss your chance! Good Luck. Always remember, safety first and please keep our beach clean.