Iban legends and fairytales come alive in dance


KUCHING: The staging of Iban mythical tales in ‘Ensera Raja Langit’ through dance and drama captivated audiences and fans of Iban legends and fairytales at Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce Auditorium of Batu Lintang Teaching Institute on Wednesday night.

Sarawak Dayak Dance And Cultural Association or Serakup Ngajat Asal Iban Sarawak (Ngasi) president Ajat Sumoh said such classical drama could inspire the younger generation to have an interest in Iban classical dance, while encouraging the team spirit among them.

“The main objective is to portray unique Iban ngajat (dance) and classical play through dance drama and theatre,” Ajat said.

“ ‘Raja Langit’ is a classic Iban mythical tale where immortal princes from the heavens descend to earth to mingle with mortals to secure the war-torn earth, and make peace among warring earthlings.”

The classic tales beloved of the Iban community had been passed from one generation to another.

The drama was executed by 35 dancers cum actors and 12 traditional musicians.

Ajat said this was the first time members of Ngasi stage a dance drama translated from classic Iban folklore.

The second objective was to foster rapport among the Iban community, and get youths interested in Iban culture and traditions, and in their preservation.

It was also an opportunity for young Iban men and women to show their talent and grace in dance.

Ajat was satisfied that the objectives, vision and mission of the association had been achieved, and they hoped to stage a better performance in the future.

Guest-of-honour Deputy Chief Minister Dato Sri Douglas Uggah Embas was represented by his special administrative officer Dr Linton @Jerah Britten.