Fireman Henry wants to see more Chinese recruits

SIBU: Henry Ho hopes to see more Chinese join the Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba), which he describes as a noble profession that involves saving lives and properties.

Ho, who would be hanging up his boots this November, recalled that back in the 70s, there were quite a number of Chinese who joined Bomba.

“I joined Bomba in 1977 and during that time, many people applied for the job. In fact, then, I can still remember vividly, there were more Chinese joining Bomba compared to now.

“I do not know the reasons the number (of Chinese joining Bomba) has dwindled over the years.

“Perhaps, they are not keen (in the job) or maybe the pay is not to their liking. I really don’t know,” Ho told reporters during Sibu Fire Station’s appreciation night here on Friday.

He was asked the reasons for the low number of Chinese joining the department.

“Of course, I will encourage more members of the Chinese community to join Bomba as this is a noble profession of saving lives and properties. It is a good thing to serve the people.

“I joined Bomba because I have a deep passion for the job and I have never looked back since,” added Ho, who hails from Miri.

His first posting was to Sibu where he stays until now and currently is the team leader for operations.

He recalled in the early days, his monthly pay was about RM280 including allowance, but it did not bother him because he loved his job.

Asked on his duties, Ho said they included the core business of firefighting besides rescue, destroying bee hives and catching snakes.

On administrative matters, he revealed that they conduct fire prevention programmes, fire and evacuation drills and give talks on fire safety to Bomba cadets in schools.

Ho said he found satisfaction in saving people and their properties.

“It is very difficult to explain this kind of feeling; just that you feel happy because you are able to save lives and properties,” he enthused.

Ho is among the four fire-fighters who will be retiring this year, while another four would be on transfer.

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